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Publish on 07-19-2017
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InHk Interior Design
聯絡電話: 37524198
Room 1020-21A, Ocean Centre, 5 Canton Road, TST, K


InHK Interior Design Limited is a young and energetic design firm established since 2010.

We service clients looking for cutting-edge interior design and quality renovating services. Recognizing the limitation in time and budget, we provide tailored design solutions that are aesthetically memorable, functional yet responsive to the real world project constraints

Our project resume includes private residential projects, independent restaurants and corporate offices. We also provide a full range of service varying from space planning, conceptual design, site supervision, renovation and project management.

Our philosophy: Luxurious does not equal beauty
Display of the utmost luxurious materials do not guarantee beauty. Professional design ideas, space planning, high attention to detail, clean cut alignments, sophisticate use of light, color and space.

Together with the involvement and effective communication with the clients. All these factors would bring a successful project that please your eyes and a pleasant space to live in everyday.



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