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Publish on 03-15-2018
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SODance Studio
聯絡電話: 27352775
Flat A, 3/F, Hung Luen Building, 689-693 Shanghai


We believe in "Diversified Dancing Education"A Dance Culture Organization, that keeping FUN and ENJOYMENT in your dancing journey

In 2006, SODance Studio was founded with an objective of promoting the "street dance culture".

In SODance, we believe in "Diversified Dancing Education".

Other than passing on dancing skills,we also value fostering the right attitude and knowledge, so that every each one of our students will be an all round dancer.

We keep in mind that fun and enjoyment is the core of the dancing journey.

In order to do that, we have been consistently recreating and improving ourselves by widening the curriculumrange, continuously valuating and advancing our teaching, and providing a comfortable space.

In the coming future, we will continue to promote the dancing culture, hosting dancing functions and nurturing more extraordinary dancers. At the same time, we never loss the focus on improving ourselves as instructors:

we have received awards in Hong Kong and in China; we travel aboard for further education.

Furthermore, we have also invited numerous world-renowned dancers as visiting tutors to pass their valuable experience to our students. All these ensure students in SODance can keep up with new skills and choregraphy, and not falling behind from the ever-changing dancing world.

Keep It Real ! Keep On Dancing !



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