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Publish on 10-23-2018
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BEIS Leather Workshop
聯絡電話: 51981566
L103,Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre,30 Pak Tin S


B.E.I.S. 是本地真皮皮革工作坊,設計及製造獨特的皮革工藝品,目的為喜愛手作及皮革的朋友,製作可使用一生的作品。

B.E.I.S is one of the best and fast growing local handmade leather brands in Hong Kong and it was founded by Ryan and Catherine in 2011.

B.E.I.S’s concept is to “Be Elegantly Insane”, and to design and manufacture unique leather crafts for people that can last for a life time. We design products based on our clients’ requirements so that people can have leather crafts that represent themselves and minimize the chances of having another identical product in the world. Most of our works are unisex which lessen the gender-barriers and increase functionality and utility. Our ultimate goal is to become an international leather brand from Hong Kong.

B.E.I.S also runs leather making workshops or classes to share our experiences in leather making as well as attitudes and dedications towards reaching a goal. We participate in OLE (OTHER LEARNING EXPERIENCE) programs in Hong Kong secondary schools which are funded by the government to encourage extra-curricular learning. Companies, organizations and charities often organize group workshops through us as team-building activities or merely for leather-making workshop experiences.

L103,Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre,30 Pak Tin Street,Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon



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