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Publish on 07-14-2017
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聯絡電話: 28922226
1st Floor, No. 1 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley


Want the best for your dog? Hot Tails Salon is where you ought to be.

With the finest staff members and high-class materials, your canines will definitely enjoy the skin care facillities that we are providing just for them.

With facilities like ours, you could easily see your dogs while being groomed via the full view glass window which are located outside the treatment area. There will be various first class body products which will be utilized to enhance the comfort of each of your pets. Here, we offer the finest shampoos, deep conditioning treatments, flea baths, medicated baths, and the most relaxing aroma spas & mud spas.

We use only the finest products available and those which suit your pet's individual needs. Also, the most efficient and powerful hair dryers are imported from Japan. We offer a full-service styling salon, which includes hand stripping, scissors trims, breed profile or custom haircuts to match your lifestyle and a full service of de-shedding techniques to reduce the hair in your home.

Your pets would be groomed by our sincere, gentle, skillful, experienced and warm-hearted staff members. To make sure we maintain sufficient hygiene, the scissors, clippers and combs used will be going through an UV machine that burns away the germs that may have been passed on by another dog.

Grooming and styling aren't all we have. We will be providing products that will be useful for your pets at a low or reasonable price. We have 60+ different varieties of healthy yet delightful snacks, and also a large range of chew toys available with even more to come in the future. With such conditions, what more can you ask for?



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