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Publish on 07-02-2017
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GreenGourmet HK
聯絡電話: 25755577


GreenGourmet is a one-stop organic shop for people who are striving for a healthier life style. Infants, juveniles and even adults encounter health problems such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, eczema and so forth. The most effective solution is to make a tiny change in your living habit by avoiding the source of allergy.

We offer a comprehensive range of quality foods and beverages, food supplements, personal care (organic beauty) and household cleaning agents made from natural materials to support you and your family to lead a lifestyle of health and sustainability. Our products are natural, organic, gluten free, fair trade and vegetarian. We aim to focus on products for customers who suffer allergy problems by focusing on gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free products. On the other hand, we carry eco-friendly products to support and inspire customers to pursue a green lifestyle.

The co-founders of GreenGourmet come from different industries whom are devoted to expedite their previous expertise in enhancing a healthier living style for the community. We are active in health promotion by supplying food ingredients and information to chefs and dietitians. We provide healthy recipes upon purchases to encourage people to make their first step to healthy lifestyle. We aim to take an active role in supporting fair trade and health events in the coming years.



Living / 優質食品
12-09-2017 十分重視食品質量及安全 所屬集團持有可處理刺身食品的食品製造廠牌照 (牌照號碼2915801259); 所屬集團自設超過5000呎凍房,並有24小時監察系統[...]

Living / 優質食品

本店持有由食物環境衛生署簽發之「食物製造廠牌照」 牌照號碼 '4994806055' 我們是一家以網購食物,生蠔速遞,刺身速遞為主導的公司;主要出售刺身,生蠔及海產等產品;產品都是來自不同國[...]

Living / 優質食品

OPEN MEAL 專營環球生蠔時令刺身 高質素食材! 在家都可以食好嘢! OPEN MEAL 為您搜羅環球生蠔 時令刺身食材,每日新鮮到貨!歡迎到門市直接參觀選購! Open Me[...]