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Publish on 04-27-2021
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Born in 2003, HABITŪ is an absolute local brand devotes to shape local coffee trends.

In the past 14 years, HABITŪ has been serving quality coffee beverages and gourmet meals to customers in Hong Kong in a cozy, soothing ambiance reminiscent of small town European cafes.

Under the brand umbrella, HABITŪ caffè, HABITŪ table and HABITŪ all day work together to craft a unique experience with exceptional interior, food and beverage designs that convey the intimacy of a beloved homegrown joint.

HABITŪ is a homegrown, lifestyle-driven brand that combines the convenience and the consistency of a coffee shop chain and the hospitality style of a cozy and tasteful cafe.

HABITŪ serves the freshest and finest cup of coffee, and for the perfect coffee pairing, it also offers a wide selection of homemade food with authentic tastes and wholesome flavors, while supporting the local community by collaborating with local farmers to bring fresh and sustainable produce to the kitchens.

Customer Service Hotline: +852 3550 0022

Corporate Solutions Hotline: +852 3550 0023



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