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Publish on 07-02-2017
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Room E,6th Floor,Eastern Commercial Centre,395-399


Come visit us at, the ONLY 100% INDEPENDENT Wine Club in HK! We share our passion by handpicking exceptional wines for our members.

As wine lovers, we firmly believe that wine is meant to be shared so we have created GrapeVineHK to share our passion by carefully handpicking exceptional wines and helping our members to better apprehend this sometimes-intimidating world of complex names and labels.

We understand that the wine universe is so vast that it is often difficult to pick a good wine, be it for a special occasion with our loved ones, a dinner with friends, a specific dish or a casual drink after a long day. It is therefore often easy to stick to what we know, and miss out on all the hidden gems the wine world has to offer.

This is why at GrapeVineHK, we aim to select and introduce truly exceptional quality wines in all price ranges, and as such, we only present wines that we have tasted ourselves (in Hong Kong or during our trips) and have made it through our thorough selection process.

We are 100% independent in our approach and selection: we are not linked to any producer, brand or merchant. We therefore have the luxury to only feature wines we have fallen in love with. For each offer, we will propose a limited number of bottles to our members for a limited time.

As the famous German poet Goethe supposedly once said, “Life is too short to drink bad wine”. With GrapeVineHK, you now have no excuse…
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